About The Artist

Kipras Petrulis also known as  Trexus  born in Lithuania around 1992, discovered his passion for graffiti at a young age. While he was more drawn to the urban art form than traditional fine arts, he quickly garnered recognition for his unique character designs on the streets. Soon, he began to transfer his work from the streets to other mediums, including t-shirts and canvases, all while maintaining the raw and authentic street vibe.

In his mid-20s, Trexus uncovered a new source of inspiration from his family’s artistic lineage, despite never having met his father or grandfather, who were well-known artists themselves. He realized the importance of preserving the wisdom he learned painting on walls and translated it into his gallery showrooms and canvases.

Trexus has held three successful solo shows in Lithuania, Berlin, and Malaysia and has collaborated with major companies such as Uber, Unity Technologies, and Adidas. His unique style has also caught the attention of hip hop artists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania, leading him to create album covers for them.

While constantly evolving and exploring new techniques, Trexus has never lost sight of his signature character style, and continues to develop it to this day. His art is a testament to his commitment to the urban art form and his determination to push its boundaries