“Sign” Print


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Glicee print on 32×32 german etching 310gsm paper.

“Sign” is a striking giclee print that captures the power and impact of environmental destruction. The centerpiece of the image is a fearsome dragon, with a third eye symbolizing its heightened awareness of the world around it. However, instead of soaring through a pristine landscape, this dragon is depicted as drowning in a sea of trash. The garbage, made up of discarded plastic, electronics, and other human detritus, swirls around the dragon’s body, trapping it and weighing it down.

Despite the dragon’s formidable presence, it is clear that it is no match for the destructive forces of human society. The image is both beautiful and disturbing, with vivid colors and intricate details drawing the viewer in, while the underlying message is one of urgent concern for the environment. “Sign” is a thought-provoking piece that speaks to the need for greater awareness and action in the face of ecological crisis.